The Mojbro stone from Uppland, which is a memorial monument:

In this script, our attention is drawn to the placement of some characters backwards. Especially, the rune R, read as "op", is peculiar. For this reason, I have read it as "po". Reading from right to left, starting with the bottom line:

The meaning obtained thru reading the above piece, as if it were written in ancient Turkish, can roughly be rendered in today's English as follows:

(May both of) the dog(s) charge well; so that the sacred sky-spirit acknowledges their boldness..

On this stone, under the inscription, there is a carving of a rider on his horse, holding up a round shield in his left hand while brandishing his weapon in his right. There are two dogs running beside the horse, as if all of them are engaged in an attack.

Also, the writing style of the symbols and the density of symbols, means the less character spacing, on the left corner, proves the original writing style was from right to left.


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